Our Vendor Terms & Conditions

Our Mission.
To provide our tri-state artisans with multiple, quality platforms to sell their handcrafted goods and thrive as small business owners for years to come.

Here’s how it works:

Wall Art Space 50.00 per wall art space

Each artist will have the ability to have 2-4 pieces of artwork in their designated wall space. Replacing each piece as it is purchased. There is no additional fee to pay, if you sell a piece you replace your piece as it is sold. Spaces vary from 30”x 30” to 45” x 45”. During your 6 months, we will hold a closing gallery in the event/gallery space to encourage additional sales. Our fees include labor for website shipping.

Local Author Book Space / Music CD Space 25.00 ea. per shelf

Each author will have the ability to occupy a shelf  or display their books throughout the store and display their books for sale. When a book sales, continue to replace them and continue to sale. The size of your books indicate the amount of books on the shelf. Our fees include labor for website shipping.

Collective Store Design 70.00 per mth.

Each artisan will have the ability to have 3-6 product variations in store. Amount of products will be determined by the display opportunities in the store (displays may be provided by you or the store.)

Each furniture artisan will have the ability to have 2-3 upcycled/ revived furniture items available in store. These items must have your permission to be used as displays (when or if necessary.)

Each clothing artist will have the ability to provide various clothing designs based in the amount of 25 items per month.

If you are a multi-producing artisan with a variety of products, your space may include a variety of products for sale. These items will be strategically placed throughout the store, to allow for maximum sales potential. As for example, we will not place two items next to each other that do not compliment each other–this is counterproductive. We will use our very best judgement with staging that will allow for maximum sales potential. Our fees include labor for website shipping and all in store sales.

Individual Bay Design 130.00 per mth.

Painting Artists, Clothing Designers, Furniture Revivalist/Upcyclist, Jewelry Designers, Woodworkers etc… will have the ability to rent a wall space and design their very own shopping experience w/in the space. Space will be 8ft. fall, (4 to 5) 30” L x 20 “D shelves, with the ability to utilize the wall for additional picture/product merchandising.

**If you are a multi-producing artisan with a variety of products, your space may include a variety of products for sale. It is ok to partner up with another artists to help pay for the fees of this space. ** I recommend only partnering with one other person due to limited space. Our fees include labor for website shipping.

Outside Artist Pop Up 35.00 per pop up

Artisans who do not have space at MADE., but would like to pop up on a weekend-day, the flat rate is 35.00 and will require a payment in advance to reserve your date and begin promotion. Fee is non-refundable. There will be a space for you to set up and a table available for use. This is designed for the artist who sales occasionally and the fee covers a time limit of 6 hours (to include set-up and break down.)  We will advertise on social media and website that you will be popping up.

MADE. Artist Workshops 50.00 per workshop

If you are a MADE. artist, already paying for floor or wall space and would like to book the a workshop room to conduct a workshop, the fee is 50.00.  You must provide your own supplies. There will be a system devised so the artist may book workshops at their leisure via an online system. This way you can see when the room is available for use. We only ask that if you are conducting a public workshop (attracting the public) then you let us know so we can put it on the website in effort to help attract workshop students–for you.

An average workshop takes 2.5 hrs. (set up, activity, breakdown)  Fee is 20.00 per hour.

Teaching Artist Workshops 65.00 per workshop

If you are a teaching artist, who does not currently pay for space on the retail sales floor, and you would like to use the facility to book a workshop, the fee is 65.00. You must provide your own supplies. You must book your workshops with the store directly. If you are looking to attract students with the help of MADE. we will list your workshop on the website for consumers to sign-up!  In circumstances that you must cancel your workshop, please notify the store so we may update the website as well as notify any customers who have signed up. Workshop fee is due, in advance, to reserve your date and begin promotion. Workshop fee is non-refundable.

An average workshop takes 2.5 hrs. (set up, activity, breakdown)  Fee is 26.00 per hour.

Private Event / Artist Exhibit  200.00 (MADE. Artist) – 300.00 (non-MADE. artist fee) 

If you are MADE. artist, already paying for floor or wall space and would like to book the a private event or artist exhibit, the fee is 200.00. Our art gallery can be used to host a networking event, special occasion party, auction, or even an art exhibit to promote sales or san sales. (Please inquire about non-profit event pricing.)

Artist Workspaces (2 available) Pricing varies

If you are a artist in need of residency. A home to create, sell, and teach, our workspace is for you. With this monthly fee, you will be provided:

  • A designated space to create your products
  • If your space provides enough room for you to conduct private lessons, please feel free .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        to do so with-in the timeframe of the stores hours
  • 24 hr. Access to space for creation (not workshops)

**There is a requirement of a 6 month lease and the first and second month is due upfront to reserve the space.** To clarify the deposit to secure the space is 625.00 upfront. The 500.00 takes care of the first month and the 1250.00 is put into escrow for when your lease is complete. If you choose to continue the lease for an additional 6 months, the 125..00 will remain in escrow and the lease will proceed accordingly–month to month.

Artist Flex Workspaces (dependent on if workspaces are rented for entire 6 mth.) Pricing varies

If you are an artist in need of a flexible residency–(a home to create)– this is for you. Fees are as such:

  • 4 Week Residency–350.00 (payment due upfront for the month of usage)
  • 1 Week Residency–150.00 (payment due upfront for the month) 

**Access to bathroom with closet and slop sink– feet away. Flex Workspaces are only accessible during the regular hours of the facility, longer hours available during nights when workshops are ongoing.

Economic Hardship  25.00-130.00 (store will pay)

If you are a MADE. artist, who pays to have their items in the space, and times get rough financially, please notify the store. After an artist has been with the store for a consecutive 6 months, MADE. will assist a struggling artist for (1) month of their space fee. This is limited to (1) artist a month / once per 6 months. Therefore, do not be shy to ask for a little help, if need be. We all need it sometimes and we are happy to assist.


  • All MADE. members must commit to a 6 month stay with the store (it is highly preferred, recommended, and mandatory)
  • All items must be tagged and electronic inventory sheet must be provided (48 hrs.) prior to the drop off of merchandise
  • All merchandise must go through the same POS system
  • Artist may work in the space however fulfilling “co-op” hours are not required, but encouraged so the artist can get a feel for the space and its potential, as well as get to know the customers and the area.
  • Fees may be subject to change at the discretion of the owners,  but all artists will be notified prior to the change well in advance to the change.
  • We aim to payout once a month all earnings minus a 1.2% POS fee (in the event this must be changed, we will notify all members with a reason, prior to change. Tax payouts will happen quarterly.
  • At the end of  your 6 month commitment to the space, we will be in contact with you or you can contact the store (whichever comes first) to verify if you will continue to be a part of the space and sell your merchandise. If you choose to continue with us, we will continue to charge you our agreed upon monthly space fee. If you choose to discontinue your stay, we ask that you allow us one week to remove your items from the sales floor and calculate any final payments owed to you. Once completed, we will schedule a time for you to retrieve your items and your final payment. If we do not hear from you, after three failed attempts, we will remove your items, place it in storage and charge a 30.00 monthly storage fee until your items are retrieved by you. If you’re items are still not retrieved by you within one month you will give us the rights to liquidate your merchandise and keep all of the proceeds. There will be no payment to you and all merchandise will be owned by the store.

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