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Celebration of the 50th anniversary of the historic Stonewall uprising in New York City—an event that ignited the modern gay rights movement. This painting was created to celebrate those very brave and beautiful people that finally said enough was enough and helped paved the way LGBTIQA equality.
Painted on a cradled wooden panel (16x24x1.5”) with encaustic (beeswax,pigment,resin) and mixedmedia elements. Tissue paper was embedded into the work to give a very textured feel. Using black oil paint to get into the texture and give it a somewhat aged look. In my process i use hot tools such as a blowtorch, garment iron, and a hot griddle to melt the wax, mix in dried pigments to make colors and paint on wooden panels. Encaustic is impervious to moisture. Colors mixed or encased within layers of encaustic will not yellow or change over time. Therefore, pigments should retain their original luminosity for years to come.

As it cures, a process that takes about 1 year from the date the painting was completed, encaustic actually gets more transparent. When on display, plain Beeswax on its own will sometimes get cloudy blooms, making the work less transparent. Not so with encaustic. Encaustic will not get cloudy over time. This is because encaustic medium is not only beeswax, but also is made with a resin.

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